So that you may manage your property efficiently and run your business safely in Portugal our partners can provide the following accounting services:

• Monitoring the entire process of creating your company;
• Classification and monthly processing of your company’s documents;
• Delivery of tax obligations;
• Periodic activity reports, VAT analysis and management idicators to assist you in your decision making process;
• Assistance with the Tax Authority and Social Security;
• Development of income statements;
• Preparation of balance;
• Preparation of depreciation;
• Preparing the forecast balance sheet date as well as tax estimate;
• Completion and delivery of the IRS (Form 3);
• Written recovery;
• Accounting and tax advice.



The Portuguese tax law is constantly changing and it becomes increasingly necessary to turn to professionals to help make better decisions for your business. Our partners are regularly updated and systematically monitor all tax legislation to better advise you.The Taxation services provided includes:

• Completion and submission of tax returns;
• VAT return;
• Form 22 – IRC;
• Form 3 – IRS;
• Simplified Business Information – IES;
• Calculate the advance payment and special payment on account, regarding the IRC;
• Planning and framework of taxpayers;
• Comprehensive monitoring of all your company’s obligations;
• Development, completion and submission of tax returns;
• Tax advice.

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