When it comes to your beloved pet you want to make sure its in the hands of the best care takers and professionals of the business.


Measuring Your Pet

In order for you to obtain the proper price you should provide the agency twith your pets correct measurement, preferably in centimeters.
Place measure your “Pet” as following instructions:
Length: From the tip of the nose to the top of the tail (excluding the tail);
Height: At the sitting position from the floor to the top of the head or ears (whichever is bigger);
Width: Measure the widest point of the animal (shoulder to shoulder).

Planning the trip

You should plan your pet’s trip well in advance as it will be necessary to confirm availability with the airline and check all regulations and veterinary procedures applicable to your particular case.

Veterinary Process

You should always go with your pet to the vet before any international trip. You must get the appropriate assistance for all veterinary procedures including (passport, vaccination record, deworming, clinical examination, blood tests). This will ensure a smooth and comfortable transition for your pet.

Day of Departure

On this day we suggest you take your pet for a walk so that he/she can have a good stretch and take care of his needs. It is important not to feed him/her on this day, only water. This helps avoid possible nausea or needs during the flight making everything easier for them. The day prior to departure feeding should really be limited to a light meal. Also, on the day of travel you must provide his/hers original passport that must accompany them during the trip and checked at the destination airport.

Sedating your pet ( we do not recommend it)

It is highly recommended that you do not sedate your pet to avoid possible complications that can occur during the flight if staff cannot check their health status before,during and after their trip.

Pet travel box

If your pet is not accustomed to travelling in a dedicated travel box we advise that you give them a “habituation period”, phasing them into a comfort zone.Try placing a blanket, toys, or other object that has the smell of the house / owners and it (a) in the box (a) there always with the door open so you can come and go freely and Win “confidence “with the box shape that the day of travel this already has an odor that is familiar and thus alleviate the stress that your pet can feel.

Travel time and delivery

Depending on the destination airport your Pet’s delivery time may vary from 1 to 4 hours. You should be at the place of delivery when he/she is available for pickup in order to avoid additional costs. If the person collecting your pet is not you. please make sure you provide us with the necessary information before the flight> This will avoid any delays for your pet.

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