Below are some of the main insurances you may consider when moving to Portugal. Naturally, we are able to help  you with recommendations for any kind of insurance you may be seeking.


In Portugal you can always opt for the FREE National Health System which is of the highest quality. The only downside is possible long waiting times due to large amounts of people in need of assistence. If you’re an E.U citizen you should bring your European Health Card which you can request in your country of citizenship.

However, if you are looking for excellent private health care you will find us to be among the best and least expensive in Europe with many options available.
Private health insurance in Portugal is very affordable. Full coverage can easily run under 100 Euros/month/pers. and family coverage benefits from major discounts.These plans offer you coverage on a national and international scale and provides you with a network of more than 6,000 health professionals,1,500 complementary diagnosis and therapeutic centers, 600 clinics, 90 hospitals and 50 emergency permanent assistance units.

With your private health Card you have access to a world of advantages:
• Health Care, carried out by nurses 24 hours/day, 365 days/year;
• Medical assistant, that offers clinical support (on-site or by phone), in an area near you;
• Specialized healthcare and diagnosis;
• 2nd opinion through a medical specialist of a renowned third party clinic
• Coverage of critical illnesses (Best Doctors), with access to the best, world-renowned specialists and hospital units;
• Health and well-being network, where you can benefit from exclusive conditions.
In addition to all of this, you can consult your updated insurance history by logging in to your personal area online. All private hospitals have English speaking staff.


Protect your house and your goods.
The Multi-Risk Insurance was created so that you can relax and enjoy your life, without having to worry about your house or its contents. Calculate the value of your home, calculate the value of its contents and bear in mind that for a small cost you can have your home insured against a multitude of risks.
This insurance allows the replacement of guaranteed items up to the limit of the insured capital. It also provides multiple guarantees that will give you peace of mind and protect your house against any unforeseen events.


Find out about all the advantages of our AUTO Insurance partners:

• Cross liability: guarantees property damage caused by the insured vehicle to vehicles owned by direct relatives;

• Trip assistance: no limit in terms of number of assistance events, including lack/change of fuel, flat tires and loss or theft of keys in Portugal;
• Major breakage of windows: guarantees the payment of windows even when the breakage is not isolated and regardless of the contracted coverages;
• Liability for cyclists: offers liability coverage when riding bicycles on public roadways.


Total protection during your travels!
Travel Insurance is personal accident insurance that protects you during your business or leisure travel, anywhere in the world.
Learn about the coverage of this insurance in detail, and have all the protection you need either for yourself or for your luggage.

• Death or Permanent Disability (during travel or stay) (except for coverage of earthquakes – 5% of sum insured):
• Assistance to Individuals.
• Guarantees:
• Transportation or medical repatriation;
• Extension of the insured individual’s stay due to injury or illness;
• Medical assistance and expenses while abroad;
• Transport and accommodation for the insured individual’s family;
• Transportation or repatriation of the deceased insured individual;
• Transportation of the insured individual for trip interruption due to a family member’s death;
• Relocation of the insured individual for trip interruption due to a severe accident at their residence;
• Sending of medicines;
• Transmission of urgent messages;
• Luggage localization and transport;
• Legal defense while abroad;
• Advance payment of bonds in criminal proceedings while abroad;
• Funeral expenses;
• Treatment expenses;
• Daily Subsidy for Hospitalization;
• Luggage (air travel).

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