When investing in property in Portugal you will require a number of services to make your process run smoothly and as flawlessly as possible. It is highly recommendable to use a point agency for all your needs. Whether your investing in residential, commercial or retail, Portugal Realtors can act as your one stop shop point agency and can assist you in finding the right property at the correct price. When you use Portugal Realtors to find your property all your costs requiring our assistance are fully refunded at the signing of your promissory contract. Whether you use us or another real estate company your cost is always the same. The difference is that when working with Portugal Realtors you get a Point Agent to help you with everything else you need in Portugal 100% free.

In the first half of 2017, investments in Portugal’s real estate market amounted to €1bn. Given the value of deals which are currently being negotiated, real estate investments are expected to surpass the €2bn mark and could even reach a new historic record close to €3bn, estimates real estate services company CBRE. This significant volume of assets should go on the market soon. It includes shopping centres, office spaces, logistics spaces, supermarkets and hotels.

CEO’s of major international real estate companies do not consider this successful development a real estate bubble. Although there has been an increase in home loans taken out by both Portuguese citizens and foreigners, 95% of operations in 2016 were made with personal or company capital. We see a healthy and moderate market growth of about 3%.

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